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Resetting a 500 Series Reflection Spectrodensitometer

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Ocassionally it is necessary to reset a 500 series instrument. Perhaps a poorly written software application has placed the unit into an unknown state. Resetting the unit restores all factory defaults and may prevent a return to X-Rite for repairs. Resetting will loose all current settings and any stored data. To perform an instrument reset proceed as follows:


  1. Unlock and open the instrument shoe.
  2. Wake the unit: apply power if necessary.
  3. Simultaneously press the "UP", "DOWN", and "EXIT" keys.
  4. In a few seconds your instrument will respond with the prompt "Load Defaults, No, Yes"
  5. Use the "DOWN" key to select the 'Yes' reply and then press the "ENTER" key.
  6. The instrument screen will briefly go blank. After a few seconds it should return to normal operation. If the instrument does not turn on by itself after a few seconds, simply press any button on the instrument to power it back on.
  7. Continue by performing a full calibration.

See the Related Support for an article on the instrument conditions established by performing the reset.

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