Measure colors with i1Profiler and convert to CMYK/RGB

The current version of i1Profiler does not contain a dedicated function, which allows to measure and comare L*a*b* or Lc*h* values for single colors quickly and convert them to device colors (like it was possible with MeasureTool 5, ColorPicker 5 or i1Share). How can I work around this?

To measure single colors within i1Profiler, follow these steps:

- Connect your i1Pro or i1Pro 2
- Launch i1Profiler software, set it to Advanced User Mode (see option middle right in i1Profiler's HOME screen)
- Select workflow option 'Measure Chart'
- Select your type of instrument
- Define a chart with one color patch (rows and columns set to 1) or more, as desired
- Click on 'Next' arrow
- Select the 'Spot' measurement mode
- Calibrate your instrument
- Perform the measurement
- If you are using an i1Pro 2 instrument double-click on a measured color, which opens an advanced Color Viewer 
   with detailed information of your measured color (M0, M1, M2, spectral curves, LAB, XYZ, Density... toggle
   between different illuminants, observers, density filters...)
- Click on 'Save' and select the file format option 'i1Profiler CGATS Custom.txt'
- In the appearing window define what type of data you want to get saved (L*a*b*, c*h*, Spectral...)
- The saved text file can now be opened with any simple TEXT Editor and the measurement values can be read

To compare single colors within i1Profiler, follow these steps:

- Perform your measurements of the single colors as described in the steps above
- However, save every color measurement in file format 'i1Profiler.cmxf', e.g. directly on your desktop for quick access
- Go back to i1Profiler's HOME window
- Select workflow option 'Data Analysis'
- Now drag and drop your first measurement file onto the icon 'Data Set A'
- Drag and drop your second measurement file onto the icon 'Data Set B'
- Click on the 'Next' arrow
- You will get some information about differences of the two colors (select desired Delta E formular, illuminant and observer)

To convert measured CIE L*a*b* colors to device colors using ICC profiles, follow these steps:

- Open Adobe Photoshop
- Go to menu 'Edit > Color Settings'
- Select the desired RGB and/or CMYK working spaces (ICC profiles) you want to use for converting your spot color readings
- Select also the desired Rendering Intent and confirm with 'OK'
- Open Photoshop’s Color Picker tool by clicking on the foreground color icon in Photoshop’s Tool Panel
- In the appearing window enter your measured LAB values
- The immediately displayed RGB and CMYK alternatives are now determined depending on your selected RGB/CMYK working spaces

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