ISO Recertification & Repair - MA Series

A dated performance certification decal is affixed to the bottom of all new instruments.  This decal is replaced when the unit is repaired or recertified.  A 'Certificate of Calibration' is also placed in the instrument's carrying case.


The calibration standards (themselves) are not certified: there is no NIST standard for a multi-angle calibration plaque. When an instrument is produced and/or is in for maintenance, it is 'married' to a unique calibration standard. If properly handled and stored, this standard is stable and reliable as a calibration reference during the term of instrument certification - 12 months.


Occasionally a customer will require original color-test data (BCRA). X-Rite can provide this given the model and serial number of the instrument. In the case of a repair, it is requested that the customers formally request this data beforehand. Failing this it is still possible to provide the information based on model and serial number.

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