How to Clean the 900 series


General Cleaning

The exterior of the instrument may be wiped clean with a cloth dampened in water or mild cleaner whenever required.
NOTE: DO NOT use any solvents to clean the instrument; this causes damage to the cover.

Cleaning the Optics
The optics should be cleaned once a week in normal environments, and more often in dirty or dusty environments.
Carefully lift the instrument and blow short bursts of clean, dry air into the measurement aperture. This should remove any accumulated dust in the optics area. WARNING: DO NOT invert cans that use Freon as a propellant; doing so could cause damage to the optics assembly.

Cleaning the Calibration Reference
The calibration reference consists of a ceramic disk for white calibration measurements and a trap opening for black
calibration measurements. The white ceramic disk can be cleaned periodically using a mild soap and warm water solution, thoroughly rinsed with warm water and wiped dry with a lint-free cloth. Do not use solvents or cleaners of any kind. The black trap portion of the reference should be cleaned with clean, dry air from time to time to remove any dust or contamination. The reference can be taken apart for easy cleaning of the black trap by compressing the two locking tabs
on both sides of the case with your fingers, and separating the two sections. Make sure to store the calibration reference in a dry, dust free area, away from direct exposure to light.


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