How do I take transmissive measurements with my SpectroscanT?

The Spectroscan will automatically be set to reflective mode when it powers up. To switch to transmissive mode, press the Zero and Measure keys simultaneously. The area surrounding the transmissive measurement aperture will light up and the Spectrolino will move over the transmissive measurement aperture for about 20 seconds. When this process is complete, the Spectrolino will move into the waiting position.

Perform a transmissive calibration by pressing the Zero key. The Spectrolino will move to the measurement position and stay there for about 10 seconds. When the calibration is complete, it will return to the waiting position. Calibrations should be performed about every 10 measurments and after long pauses between measurements.

Position the original on the aperture. Press the Measure key to start the operation. The measurement will take about 5 seconds. After it is complete, the Spectrolino will return to the waiting position.

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