DTP70 Measurement technique

1. Make sure the instrument is connected to the computer and powered on. 2. Verify that the backer tray is inserted with the correct surface facing up and the UV filter is set to the correct position (see related support articles on the left). 3. Select the target to measure from the software application. The instrument indicator should be in a scan ready condition (solid green) after the target file is loaded. 4. Position the target in the center of the backer tray and insert it until it stops against the feed rollers. 5. Press the Operation button to start measuring. The instrument indicator slowly flashes green while the target is measured. NOTE: If you want to abort the target measurement at anytime, simply press the Operation button. The measurement sequence will stop and the target will be ejected. 6. After the target is measured, remove it from the instrument. A successful reading is verified by a solid green instrument indicator and a confirmation message on the computer monitor. If an error message is noted, try re-measuring the target.

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