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MA-T6 / MA-T12 Firmware Installer v1.91

Name: MA-T6 / MA-T12 Firmware Installer v1.91

Version: v1.91

Previous Version: v1.90

Release Date: June 22, 2018

File Type: PC - Zip file with Installer

Download File: PC Version


Install instructions:

  • Unzip the firmware installer to a folder on your local hard drive.
  • Connect the instrument with your PC via USB, connect instrument to external power supply.
  • Double click on “oneclick_update_patch_KOHINOOR_QC_”.
  • Follow the instructions. The new Firmware is uploaded to the instrument.
  • Check the instrument.

Firmware improvements:

  • Added quick compare; allow multiple comparisons with 1 standard
  • Update shutter motor parameter set. Improved control of the shutter end position
  • Added additional shutter motor PWM mode, “Drive short”. Gives more reliable shutter operation at low PWM values.
  • Various smaller improvements and bug fixes

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