CE 7000 not communicating With OptiMatch

In the event that the CE 7000 does not communicate with OptiMatch perform the following steps: 1) First verify that the instrument communicates through Hyper Terminal. Select the Comm Port in Hyper Terminal that reflects the comm port the instrument is connected to. The settings for HyperTerminal are Baud Rate =9600, Data Bits=8, Parity=None, Stop Bits=1, and Flow Control= None. In HyperTerminal type the "V" command and press enter. Version information about the 7000 should appear on the screen. If information is present continue to step 2. 2) Locate the sinstall.exe file in the installation directory and verify the comm port settings and instrument type are selected correctly. If settings are changed you will have to reboot the system and test. If the settings are correct continue on to step 3. 3) Re-install the software over the top of the present installation (make sure you back up the program before doing this step). Re-Boot the system and test

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