Calibrating the DTP32HS



Reflection Reference Handling:

Handle the reflection reference by the edges. Make sure that the reflection reference is free of dust, dirt and smudgemarks. Refer to General Maintenance Section for cleaning procedure. Always store the reflection reference in it protective envelope away from light and heat.

Calibration Procedure:

A calibration can be performed at any time. All that is required is that you insert the reflection reference into the instrument as you would with any other strip.

1. Center the designated end of the reflection reference under the alignment mark.

2. Insert the reference strip until it is automatically advanced by the drive motor. Refer to “Strip Feeding Requirement” for more information.

3. The LED slowly flashes green while the strip is pulled through the instrument and out the back. The LED turns solid green and a short beep sounds after a successful calibration. If the calibration fails (fast flashing green LED and long beep), verify strip is clean and reread.

4. Place the reflection reference in its protective envelope and store away from light and heat.

NOTE: Click on the link below to view or download the pdf document.

Calibrating the DTP32HS.pdf

Frequency of Calibration:Your DTP32HS should be calibrated weekly. Refer to the following procedure for details on the calibration process.

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