Backing up your eXact Device

Creating a backup of your eXact instrument can save you time when deploying multiple instruments, preserving settings when sending the instrument to X-Rite for recertification, or just a time-saver should the need arise to reset the instrument to factory defaults.To backup your instrument, use the eXact Manager software supplied on the CD included with your instrument. If installing for the first time, you may have to register your eXact before being able to use the software. 

To use eXact Manager, you must connect your instrument using USB. This is to ensure a reliable connection during transfer of data and updating of firmware etc. 

To back up your eXact, please follow the steps below:

1. Launch eXact Manager Software

With no instrument attached, interface shows local content only

Note that with no instrument attached via USB, instrument will only show local content tools. Keep in mind that the instrument cannot be connected via Bluetooth when using eXact Manager. Instrument must be connected via USB.

2. Connect your instrument

With a properly connected instrument, instrument content and tools are shown at the bottom of the eXact Manager window 

3. Click on the "Instrument" button

Left click on the Instrument Button at the bottom-left of the interface

4. Click on the "Backup" button 

Click on the Backup Button in the Summary tab of the Instrument Pane

The button is located in the "Summary" tab in the "Recovery" group.

5. Select a location for your Backup .bkx file

Use the file browser to select a location to save your backup file

Your eXact is now backed up to a file. You can restore your backup by choosing "Restore" from the instrument menu in eXact Manager.

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