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Too Many Ink Keys! - ATS / ATD

"The sheet you have measured contains more keys than your press" is an error that occurs when the sheet you have defined in your job set-up, or have measured with the scanning instrument, is larger than the definition of the press that you have selected. It can also occur if the size of the sheet that you have scanned is substantially larger that what you have defined in your job set-up.

The easiest place to begin troubleshooting this problem is with the sheet. Measure the sheet that you have scanned and verify that it is the same as the sheet width that you have specified in your job set-up. This measurement must obviously be smaller than your press width, otherwise you would not be able to physically pass it through the press. If the job set-up is correct, it is likely that something is wrong with the press set-up.

To check this, click your mouse on the Library tab in your tool bar, and then click on Presses . . .. Highlight the appropriate press name by clicking on it, then click on Edit. In the "Press Size Information" area, verify that the "Number of Ink Keys", and the "Size of Ink Key" are both correct. If they appear correct, double check by multiplying the two numbers together. The result of this calculation should be the same as the width of you press. Please note that this should be EXACTLY the size of your press, not just close. If it is not exact, you will get the above error when attempting to read a sheet that equals your press size.

An easy way to determine ink key size is to divide your press width by the number of ink keys that it has. For example: If your press width is 1016mm, and you have 28 ink keys, your key width should be defined as 36.3mm (1016 divided by 28). If you round down to 36mm as the key size, the system believes that your press is 1008mm wide (36 (key width) x 28 (number of keys)). You will then receive the above error should you attempt to read a sheet that is indeed larger that 1008mm. This seems to be where several customers have run into difficulty.

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