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SVC Bulletin--Automatic Vacuum Pump Shut Down

Ø Automatic Vacuum Pump Shut Down

Technical Service Bulletin

Bulletin #

Date Issued


October 1, 2009


Automatic pump shut down overrides the local machine tool setting.


Affected Models

Firmware Version

Software Version

ITX –Density


v1.3.1 to v1.5

ITX –Spectral


v1.3.1 to v1.5



v1.3.1 to v1.5



If the ‘Automatic Vacuum Shutoff’ box is checked in Local Machine Configuration Tool and the ‘Interval’ is set at ‘x’ minutes other than ‘0’; the pump will not turn back on for any future scans until the ‘x’ minutes have past.


With the changes to the new firmware, the vacuum pump will now shut off as soon as the head returned home even thought Interval is set to 1 minute (per example below). If you have an old style pump with the solenoid, the solenoid stays in the engaged condition. If a scan is done immediately following the first scan the pump will not turn on until the 1 minute interval has past.

Current Solution


1. Any version of ITX lower than 1.3.1 will need to be updated to the latest version of software.

2. If the version of software is 1.3.1 or higher change the Interval timer to ‘0’ (see below).


1. Remove the solenoid that is mounted on the pump.

Vacuum Pump Solenoid Removal Instruction

a) Disconnect the detachable line cord and the 24 volt power supply from the vacuum pump control box (2). The 24 volt power supply is no longer required.

b) Remove the vacuum hose from the pump solenoid.

c) Remove the vacuum pump assembly from its installed location.

d) Unplug the solenoid cable connector (1) from the control box (2) and cut the two tie wraps (3) securing the cable to the vacuum pump.

e) Remove the solenoid value assembly (4), nipple (5), and bushing (6) from the vacuum pump.

f) Install the new barbed fitting (7) into the “IN” port.

g) Reinstall the vacuum pump assembly.

h) Connect the vacuum hose to the new barbed adapter on the “IN” port.

i) Plug the line cord into the control box.

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