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Sensor Head Cabling

Sensor Head Cabling

Remote Sensor Head Interface

The remote sensor heads use daisy-chain communications and control signals (serial) that are presented through one I/O port on the hub. The connector is a non-standard (mini-circular, 8-pin DIN), employing the RS-485 standard. The hub automatically assigns sensor head identification in the order they are located in the communications chain. Refer to the Appendix in the "VeriColor Setup and Operation" manual for electrical details.

Connect the first remote head cable between the hub and the first sensor head. If more than one sensor head is used, connect a remote head cable from the first sensor head to the second sensor head. Continue the daisy chain connection method for additional sensor heads, up to a maximum of six sensor heads.

The VeriColor kit includes a three-meter cable (P/N SE108-EUR8-3). Each additional sensor head includes a one-meter cable (P/N SE108-EUR8-1). A ten-meter cable (P/N SE108-EUR8-10) is also available. Cables may be daisy chained together to obtain additional lengths.

The following sensor head interface cables can be purchased from X-Rite by calling 1-888-826-3042 or by visiting our website.


8-Circuit Interconnect Cable (10 meter) - P/N SE108-EUR8-10

8-Circuit Interconnect Cable (3 meter) - P/N SE108-EUR8-3

8-Circuit Interconnect Cable (1 meter) - P/N SE108-EUR8-1

8-Circuit Interconnect Cable (Right Angle 1 meter) - P/N SE108-EUR8-1RA

8-Circuit Interconnect Cable (Right Angle 3 meter) - P/N SE108-EUR8-3R

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