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Resetting the VeriColor hub

Resetting the VeriColor hub

The VeriColor System is designed to provide the user with years of consistent, dependable use. There may be times however, that the hub does not seem to be responding properly to commands. While some might prefer to "Restore factory presets", others might prefer a more conservative approach such as resetting the hub. The customer can quickly reset the hub by pressing the 'Reset' button located on the top of the hub. This simply removes power to the microprocessor for a second to allow the hub to reset with all configurations retained. After resetting, the user might receive an "Information" window stating, "Hub not responding. Connection will be terminated". Select "OK" and then "Connect" to reconnect to VeriColor's set up software.

To do a complete reset - restoring the factory default settings - press and hold the 'Up', 'Down', and 'Enable' buttons on the hub. Hold the buttons down as the LED's turn amber and then red. Then release the buttons. The hub will now be back to it's factory default settings.

NOTE: All stored information (standards and projects) will be lost during a complete reset.

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