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Replacing Daylight Lamps in the SpectroLight III

Replace burned out lamps immediately to maintain the fixture's overall performance standards. We recommend replacing lamps in complete sets. For example, if one daylight lamp burns out, replace them both.

To replace the lamps:

  1. Use the main power switch to turn off the unit.

  2. For booth installations, remove the front panel.

  3. Release the front diffuser latch. Lower the front of the diffuser to its opened position (vertical).

  4. Unscrew the quarter-turn fastener and lower the diffuser. Slide the filter packs sideways to remove them. NOTE Take special care to remove the filter packs. Improper handling during removal or replacement may result in breakage.

  5. Push one end of the lamp into the spring loaded socket with pressure to release the other end from its socket.

  6. Lift the lamp clear of both sockets and discard in an appropriate receptacle.

  7. Using a piece of lens paper (or equivalent) placed between your thumb and forefinger, insert the replacement lamp into the sockets.

  8. Replace the filter packs and secure them in place. 

  9. Reset the lamp time meter.  For instructions on how to reset the lamp time meter, click HERE.

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