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Re-flashing an Older Vericolor B-Hub

Re-flashing an Older Vericolor B-HubUser-added image
Select the Communications menu and select the RS232 option.
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Select the Com port that the VeriColor Hub is plugged into. The default baud rate of the VeriColor hub is 19200. You will need to select a different baud rate if you have changed the baud rate of your hub. Click "OK" to close the Communication Options window.

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The location of the Firmware file should already be set by default and the user should not need to change this unless they are loading a previous version of the firmware. The path should be "C:\Program Files\VeriColor Hub System v2.0\HubFirmwareLoader\VC100B_v06N403.bin". This could change if the VeriColor installation directory is different than the default.

At this point, with the instrument plugged in, simply click the "Upgrade New Firmware" button to begin the firmware upgrade procedure. This generally take several minutes.

WARNING: Do Not Interrupt This Process as it will corrupt the system !

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Additional Resources: There is also a help document in the software that can be accessed through the "Help->Instructions" menu.

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