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Networking Two IntelliTrax Scanners to a Single Database

It is possible to network two or more IntelliTrax computers so that they write to and read from a single MSDE database.  Accomplishing this task requires that changes be made at both the "host" ( the PC that will house the database ) and the "client" ( the other IntelliTrax PCs that will store data on the "host" ).  Steps below will ensure a functioning network installation.


Required:  That IntelliTrax (same version) be installed and licensed on all affected PCs.

Required:  That the PCs be on a network running TCP/IP as a transport protocol and that they be members of the same domain.

Given the above, proceed as follows:

At the HOST...

  1. Launch IntelliTrax and open the Database Admin Tool.  "ServerName" sould be set to "(local)".

  2. Click on "Scan".  After a few seconds, system should return the "MS SQL Instance" (fancy Engineering name for the database).  The IntelliTrax database is named "SQL Server - ATSII".

  3. Click on "Connect".

  4. IntelliTrax will next prompt you for a password.  Enter your password and then click on "Submit".  Note: Default from the X-Rite factory is no password.  Simply click on "Submit".

  5. In the Manage Users area, locate, select (highlight) and add all the users to whom you wish to provide database access.  Note: You are adding a list of persons NOT machines!

  6. Close the Database Admin Tool.



At each CLIENT...

  1. Launch the "Local Machine Configuration Tool".  IntelliTrax will validate its current database connection and prompt you for a password.  As above, no password is entered at the factory.  If you have made no changes simply click on "Submit", else enter your password and click on "Submit".

  2. When the tool opens you will have four (4) tabs along the upper edge of the window.  Click on the "Database / Keyboard" tab.

  3. By default, your database location is "(local)" and the name of your database is "ATSII".  To link this CLIENT to the HOST you will need to change the Location (Computer Name).  Click on or touch the touchscreen area where you currently see the word "(local)".

  4. Enter the name of the PC that will act as HOST.  Note: If you do not have this information at hand you will need to check with your Information Technology staff for assistance.

  5. When you click on the "Enter" key to save your changes, IntelliTrax will attempt to connect to the remote HOST.  It validates the connection before closing the window.

Keep in mind that by making these changes you are now connected to a distant database server that may or may not have the same passwords and permissions as the local copy on your CLIENT PC.  This can lead to confusion if you have set different values in each location.

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