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IT8.7-3 CMYK Target cannot be measured with iO

Question: I have an already printed IT8.7-3 CMYK printer target in sorted layout (according to ISO standard) and want to measure it in Patch Mode with iO table using MeasureTool 5. When I select the Reference File 'IT8.7-3 CMYK target.txt' and start the measurement, iO does not measure it in correct order. How can I solve this?

Answer: The 'IT8.7-3 CMYK target.txt' reference file cannot be used to measure the IT8.7-3 visual chart with iO table. The referecne file refers to hard-coded driving commands for SpectroScan Table.

The iO table needs a specifically layouted version of the IT8.7-3 chart. Please print the TIFF file 'IT8.7-3 CMYK i1_iO.tif' and measure it. If this is not possible, the only way to measure the default IT8.7-3 chart is using the Eye-One in patch mode.

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