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Hub Error - "Invalid Factory or User Settings"

Hub Error - "Invalid Factory or User Settings"
Engineering has added a datastore integrity check in the hub's firmware to detect errant settings that could cause the hub to crash as soon as it powers up.  Two new error codes have been added to the Engineering RCI Manual v1.18.  They are
"Invalid Factory Settings"
"Invalid User Settings"
They are both hub errors and will never have a head index in front of them.
"Invalid Factory Settings" - is a pretty serious failure, if this happens out in the field, there is no way for a user to fix it and the Hub must be serviced.  This error will be very common in units programmed for the first time (production) until they are factory configured.  Otherwise some other serious error has occurred and none of the datastore values can be trusted.
"Invalid User Settings" - would be more common of the two failures, but is recoverable.  This error is similar to the one above, only that the problem was found in a different area, one the user has access to.  All user settings can be reset using the 3-button "Factory Presets" reset procedure or an "ld" command. If the user is using software, the best way to fix things is to clear the error state, re-enter the "Fixture Name" and download the correct project.  Likely causes of this could be someone fooling around with RCI commands and did something silly, or after updating firmware if there is a data structure change.
Datastore error modes are indicated on the hub's front panel by a flashing "06".  Users without software should be advised to first reset the hub and see if the problem re-occurs. If after the first reset, the "06" is still flashing, perform the 3-button "Factory Presets" hub reset (this should always fix the"Invalid User Settings" error).  If it still flashes "06", then the hub is having the"Invalid Factory Settings" problem and must be serviced.
When the hub enters this error state it will automatically default all user settings, but will not make them permanent. If this was caused by a momentary glitch, everything isn't lost just yet if the user simply resets the hub by using the 'reset switch'. When the user settings get defaulted, things like the "Ethernet" turn off and "RS-485 Baud rate" default back to "19200". The whole idea of this is to let the hub power up and run in a "known state" so corrections can be made.

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