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How often should your unit be recertified?

How often Should I Recertify my Instrument?X-RITE recommends recertification every 12 months.

Original certification stickers show 18 months after that 12 months.

X-Rite's manufacturing process coupled with its methods of product distribution lie at the core of an 18 month initial (NEW) inspection interval. Specifically, we build our product and package and place into our own stockroom.   There may be "idle" time between manufacturing and actual delivery to you, so please review your calibration certificate upon product receipt.   To ensure that the end user receives an instrument with AT LEAST 12 months of original certification remaining, the original interval is set to 18 months.   This initial grace period has been interpreted incorrectly as the normal certification interval.   Not true!   Original intent was and is that a device should be inspected, tested, and recertified after 12 months of actual use.

If you would like schedule recertification for your equipment, please contact Customer Success at 1-888-826-3059.

Or you may also complete our online request form for service on the X-RITE web site under Support.
Customer Success team will contact you shortly with further details on having your instrument sent in for service

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