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Density Values Fluctuate When Scanning Same Sheet

ATD / ATS / PDC-S Troubleshooting


Problem: The density numbers seem to vary more than expected when scanning the same sheet repeatedly.
Solution: Occasionally the scanning system needs some housekeeping.  An instrument's repeatability is typically +/- 0.02 D @ 1.50D.  When variation is greater, the first thing to do is to perform a system reset.  Hold down the gray button on the docking station, of the track, for 5 seconds.  You will notice that the light turns from green to red.  Let go of the button when the light turns red.  After the reset is complete, gently slide the head out (manually) from the docking station and check/clean the calibration tiles. Finally clean the track (using a soft tissue and some isopropyl alcohol).  Let dry and try to re-scan your press sheet.

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