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Changing the IntelliTrax from static to DHCP

Changing the IntelliTrax from static to DHCP

By default the IntelliTrax (ITX) system ships in static mode using the following default IP address:  If your network require the ITX system to be configured for  DHCP, please follow the instructions below:

1.  Connect the ITX instrument to the computer using the supplied yellow cross-over cable. 

2.  Configure the computer's IP address to the following setting:

Note:  Please refer to the 'Setting the Default Static IP Address in your Computer' document if you need help configuring your computer's IP address

3.  Launch the IntelliTrax software.

4.  Click on the 'ToolCrib' icon located in the bottom right hand corner of the IntelliTrax launch screen.  You should see the following dialog box.

If you have created a password for ITX please type in the password .  If you have not created a password, the default password is to leave the window blank and click on 'Submit Password'.  You should see the following screen.

5.  Click on the IntelliTrax device and click on 'Go'.  You should see the following screen.

6.  Type in the following IP address; then click 'Connect'.  Once the next screen appears, click on the 'Network Configuration' tab.  You should see the following screen.

7.  Click on 'Dynamic' and click on 'Apply'.

8.  Close the ToolCrib software.

9.  Close the IntelliTrax software.

10.  Unplug the IntelliTrax instrument from the power supply for 10 seconds and re-apply power

11.  Restart the IntelliTrax software.

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