Getting Started with ColorCert


Learn the basics of ColorCert Desktop Tools. In this e-learning, we will cover key concepts such as profiles, rules, color standards, and jobs.

Getting Started with ColorCert Desktop Tools

In this eight module course, you will learn the basics of using the ColorCert Desktop Tools. Key concepts such as profiles, rules, color standards, and jobs will all be introduced. Using ColorCert with PantoneLIVE and advanced inkroom tools will also be covered.

The end of each module contains questions to check your knowledge as you go. At the end of this course, you will need to complete the final exam to earn your certificate of completion.

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This course is offered in: English.

Who Should Attend?

ColorCert Desktop Tools are modular solutions allowing printers and converters the accurate creation of color specifications and process control at multiple points throughout the packaging workflow. Whether prepress, proofing, ink room, or on press process control, this course will introduce you to the basics of ColorCert.

Module One: Pressroom Usage

In this module, you will learn how ColorCert's job-based workflow is used in the pressroom. Since all of the color information is built right into the corresponding ColorCert job, press operators don’t need to search through databases to find colors or worry about associated tolerances. Managing on-press color is fast, easy, and incredibly accurate.

Module Two: Profiles

Profiles contain all of the specific colors that will be measured. These can include CMYK process colors, a substrate, and any spot colors.

Module Three: Rules

Rules contain the specific tolerances and requirements that are defined by a brand owner for their print production. You may have different Rules that are designed around the capabilities and expectations of a type of press.

Module Four: Job Assembly

Once you have built a profile and a set of rules, they can be assembled into a ColorCert job. A ColorCert job is used during production and QC to measure, monitor and report on the color and print quality of each press run.

Module Five: Creating Color Standards

In this module, you will learn how to create standards for spot colors, substrates, and backing materials. Color standards can be created through the "Inkroom Tools" or through the "Profile Editor."

Module Six: Using PantoneLIVE

PantoneLIVE provides color standard data for both solids and tints from all the Pantone Formula Guide colors on a specific printing process, substrate and ink system. This provides the designer and brand owner a way to preview more accurately than ever before how their designs will appear when printed. The printer benefits as well, as they now have realistic, achievable targets to hit on press.

Module Seven: Loading a Job for Reprint

You may think loading a job for reprint is a small matter, but when put into context with your workflow, it’s actually quite important.

Module Eight: Advanced Inkroom Tools

There's a lot that can be done with ColorCert's inkroom tools including comparing colors. This is useful during QC when you need to compare a sample to a standard.

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