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Inline Color Measurement

X-Rite’s inline solutions increase efficiency, reduce waste, and make life easier for production operators and quality controllers. It’s a continuous monitoring system that can catch even small deviations immediately, so changes can be made before production moves out of tolerance. X-Rite offers inline solutions for all stages of paper manufacturing, as well as for the coil coating, plastics, coated glass, textile, and automotive industries. Inline systems are turn-key and have a very quick ROI.

ColorXRA 45

For Inline Paper and Plastic Color Measurement

A UV-calibrated 45°:0° inline, non-contact spectrophotometer with a small aperture, ideal for identifying color shifts early and throughout production for paper and plastic applications.


The ERX50 Inline Spectrophotometer measures color across a wide range of materials, such as textured, finely patterned and glossy plastics and paper.

Out of Production

A compact, fully functional 45°/0° inline spectrophotometer with adjustable UV content ideal for color measurement in paper laboratories. Excellent spectral resolution of 1 nm.



The ERX130 is a non-contact, inline spectrophotometer for reflectance measurement and evaluation of color in industrial applications for early identification and correction of disturbances.


The ERX145 is a non-contact inline spectrophotometer with a 30mm measurement. The ERX145 is ideal for measuring large surfaces such as those produced in the coil coating industry.


CarFlash is a non-contact multi-angle spectrophotometer designed to be integrated inline in robotics systems to ensure integrity of color quality throughout the production process.

VeriColor Spectro

Ensure accurate color and fast change-overs with the affordable VeriColor Spectro, a compact, durable inline spectrophotometer ideal for harsh industrial manufacturing applications.


With the ERX50 inline spectrophotometer, ESWin Closed-Loop Color Control software automatically controls up to 3 dyes plus optical brightening agents for automated colorant adjustments.

ESWin QC Software

ESWin QC is a customizable software solution that enables color and statistical measurement control when combined with an X-Rite inline instrument.


Measure samples across a range of materials such as leather, plastic foils, metal, textiles & carpet with X-Rite's ERX31 Inline Spectrophotometer.


Inline spectrophotometer for the measurement of color, whiteness and brightness during the pulp manufacturing process for early identification and correction of disturbances.


An inline non-contact spectrophotometer, the ERX54 measures the production of non-scattering samples directly on production machines. A spectral curve provides detailed reflectance information.



An inline non-contact spectrophotometer, the ERX55 measures color, visual light transmission and haze in the manufacture of transparent films to continuously monitor color quality.


An inline non-contact multi-angle spectrophotometer, the ERX56 measures the production of non-scattering samples directly on production machines. A spectral curve provides detailed reflectance information.

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