Why is daily calibration not enough?

Daily calibration helps maintain the accuracy of the instrument.  None-the-less, this is not a guarantee that the instrument is functioning to factory specifications.  For this reason and for those listed below, X-Rite recommends that instruments be inspected at yearly intervals:
  1. A calibration step wedge, in spite of proper use and care, may change or deteriorate over time.  Thus X-Rite always replaces the calibration media when servicing the densitometer.  This equally is true of re-certification, repair, and all service contract programs.
  2. Densitometers and sensitometers are critical to processor quality control!  X-ray hardware and automatic exposure controls are inspected regularly.  Paddle pressure and contact screens too receive regular checkups.  This same attention should be applied to all quality control tools.  X-Rite recommends yearly re-certification to help ensure the proper functioning of these devices.
  3. Potential problems with the instrument cannot always be detected by the end user.  A re-certification service includes many different tests and inspections.  This assures that the instrument meets all the Engineering specifications.

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