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Reinstalling a Reluctant i1 Device on Windows PC's

Device drivers for measurement devices such as the i1 family can be difficult to establish on Windows PC's, and they are established on a port by port basis, which many users are not expecting.

The Windows "plug and play" feature is not always successful.  Perhaps they should have named it "Plug and Pray".  The root cause of most USB issues is that the customer plugs the hardware into the computer BEFORE installing all required supporting software.  When this is done, the "Found New Hardware" wizard launches but is not able to complete the installation.  Either the customer cancels or the wizard aborts leaving the task incomplete.

In the majority of cases, the above steps will resolve the USB installation. If it does not, or the driver installation finishes but the device is still not found, do the following:

Search your system for i1.sys, i1.inf, i1.pnf, plus those relevant to the instrument  you are using, for example "i1.inf" and "i1display.pnf."

This procedure resolves problems with corrupted driver files or instances where multiple versions of the driver were installed on top of each other.

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