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Poor results with Monitor profile in i1Studio on Mac

Poor results with Monitor profile in i1Studio on MacIf a display profile produces poor results (color cast, low contrast, high contrast, low luminance, etc...), try reprofiling after making sure to check the following:
First reset the monitor:
  1. Go to System Preferences > Accessibility and select the “Display” option on the left.  Make sure that the “Display Contrast” slider is set all the way to the left at “Normal”.  Make sure that "Reduce transparency" is the only item checked just above the contrast slider.
  2. Now go to the Applications folder and right-click (or control-click) on the i1Studio application icon and click on “Show Package Contents”
  3. Navigate to Contents > MacOS > Profiles and then copy and paste the “XRite_LinearProfile.icc” profile to the Mac HD\Library\ColorSync\Profiles folder.  Close Finder.
  4. Open “Displays” in System Preferences and select the “Color” tab.  Click on the profile named “DisplayProfile_Linear.icc” to reset your display’s RGB channels to a linear fashion.  The onscreen color should change and will likely look bad.
  5. Close Displays and System Preferences.
  6. Connect the ColorMunki and open the i1Studio software application.
Profiling the Monitor
Open i1Studio by going to Finder>Applications>i1Studio>i1Studio or double clicking on the icon on the menu bar and select Display Calibration.  Here are the recommended settings for "Display Calibration" workflow.
  For the photographic users, i1Studio defaults to set values of CIE illouminant D65 for white point and a luminance value of 120cd/m.  In order to make any changes here you will need to click on the "Custom" radio button.  We suggest keeping these options however users may need to experiment with Luminance in order to meet the conditions of their ambient light in the room.  The luminance of your display/monitor determines the brightness.    
Profile Reminder can be set to every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks or simply leave none if you do not wish to see the i1Studio Tray in your menu bar or see the messages.  Click "Save Profile" and you will see the right-side panel switch showing you the options to evaluate your profile.  The panel to the right of the screen contains useful information concerning the profile you just built.
To access this information, use the tabs along the upper part of the display panel.  These tabs include:
  1. 3D Gamut View - Shows a 3D gamut of your display profile. Use the Compare profile button to select other profiles to analyze along with your display profile.
  2. Profile Info - Shows the target and measured values for white point, luminance and contrast ratio.
  3. LUT View - Displays the video look-up tables (LUTs) contained in the profile.
  4. Before and After View - Allows you to compare images using the previously loaded profile and the profile just completed.
Click Home and exit the software, your new profile is now being used and you are ready to work.

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