Pinouts - X-Rite 820, 830

Both the 820 and 830 chassis are unique in their interface characteristics. The female DB25s connector can be configured via software to act as an RS232-C compatible serial port or as a Centronics compatible parallel port. In the case of a serial configuration, the port is quite standard in its wiring (schematic #1 below). The basic configuration is a subset of an RS232-C DTE definition. When configured by software to operate as a parallel port, the interface is anything but standard (schematic #2 below). An off-the-shelf parallel interface cable WILL NOT WORK. X-Rite produces a custom made ribbon cable (pn 820-76) to fill this need.


Schematic #1 Serial
Pin#     Function
5CTS (Busy)
Schematic #2 Parallel
Pin#FunctionCentronics Target
11Data 12
12Data 23
13Data 34
14Data 45
15Data 56
16Data 67
17Data 78
18Data 89
1Chassis GND17
19Signal GND19
8Data Enable29
9+5 volt/Reset31

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