Measurements aren't matching between scanning device and handheld

Scanning systems support a handheld 530 SpectroDensitometer.  If your measurements are not matching between your scanner and your handheld, there are several steps you can take.

1. Check your settings for both the scanner and the handheld, making sure they match exactly.  Make sure Status is set the same to both instruments, make sure both are reading either Absolute or Minus Paper (same one for both), and make sure the handheld is not set to Minus Reference Mode.  To check the handheld, go to the Density function and check settings in your Options Menu within the Density function. 

2. Clean the track on the scanner- you can use glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol for this.  Wipe off the calibration plaque on the track with a clean, cotton cloth.   Perform a calibration.  Remove the head from the track by sliding it about 6 inches away from the docking station and lift the cover to allow the lever to be opened, this will allow you to rotate the head up.  Blow out the optics of the instrument with some compressed or canned air. 

3. Wipe off the calibration plaque for the handheld.  Perform a FULL Calibration.  To perform a Black calibration on the 530, please refer to the Black Calibration on the 500's article from the support section of the website.



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