X-Rite Factory Display Calibration (FDC)

Factory Display Calibration (FDC) by X-Rite | Color Management Solutions, Services, and Software

Displays vary widely in technology used; and the materials and processes employed in manufacture. This means that the same RGB color sent to different model panels—and even different units of the same model panel—can render and display color very differently. Factory Display Calibration corrects for these variabilities so that color differences between panels become indiscernible.

The X-Rite Factory Display Calibration solution uses the same-patented award-winning display measurement devices, color science math, and software that have been used by discerning color critical professionals for years; but moves the display calibration function from the end-user to the factory. This complete solution provides a simplified end user out-of-box experience without the need for extra steps and equipment.
FDC is highly automated to provide an operator-friendly interface and short Takt Times in the factory environment. Results of displays calibrated using X-Rite’s factory tools are identical to those obtained using X-Rite’s i1Profiler and i1Display Pro aftermarket tools. How does the end user benefit?

Content creators can immediately visualize and edit the color of their work-product accurately reducing rework, returns, and uncertainty. Calibrated display systems facilitate collaborative project work across different sites and geographies providing artists, designers, and colorists the confidence that they are all looking at the same renderings of color data as they communicate and agree to changes and make approvals.
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FDC End-User Tool, X-Rite Profile Selector

X-Rite Factory Display Calibration (FDC) Profile Selection | Color Solutions, Services, and Software

With the ability to select between profiles for different video encoding standards content creators can produce and review work product for different use cases and viewing targets from the same workstation monitor. Content consumers find video, cinema, and photo experiences more pleasing with images rendered as the creator intended. Web shoppers can judge the color and tone of goods more accurately with fewer disappointments and returns when they receive ordered products with an unexpected color. With X-Rite Profile Selector the user has a simple interface to select amongst the factory preset calibration standards without needing to memorize complex file names or navigate through complicated systems settings.

Typical users include:

Content Consumers
• Gamers
• Video streaming viewers     
• Web shoppers
• Photo viewers
• Medical professionals
Content Creators
• Graphic designers and artists
• Professional and prosumer photographers
• Print production professionals
• Industrial designers
• Architects and interior designers
• Apparel and fashion designers
• Game designers
• Cinema and video production


Supported FDC Partners

The following manufacturers have committed to provide the best color to consumers.




Aero 14
Aero 15
Areo 17
Aorus X5
Aorus X7
Aorus X9





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