Virtually Brush up on Color Measurement Best Practices

To successfully implement color measurement processes, it is important that you understand how to use them effectively, and our easy-to-read whitepapers can help. Now is the time to virtually brush up on these best practices; browse our top whitepapers for manufacturers today.

Tolerancing, the Key to Accurate Color

Even when using spectral data and tolerances to quantify color, customers and suppliers can still disagree. To ensure expectations are clear and that everyone is aligned, it’s important to select and use the right tolerancing method for your application.

You'll Learn:

  • How to select the right color model, such as L*a*b* or L*C*ho
  • How to choose the right tolerancing method, such as DE* (CIELab Delta E), DEcmc, DE94, or DE2000
  • Ways to align your tolerance with visual assessment

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Why Use Daylight in Your Light Booth

Companies that are concerned with the accuracy of color quality for their products can easily overlook the need to do proper visual evaluation of colors and color differences as part of their quality control process.

You'll Learn:

  • Why controlled lighting is important
  • What is metamerism?
  • Why you should use daylight to assess color

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A Guide to Understanding Color

Whether you’re a novice or color expert, this educational resource offers useful information to ensure color plays a positive role in the success of your brand, especially during the zero moment of truth when buying decisions are made.

You''ll Learn:

  • The science of color
  • How to measure, manage, communicate, and report on color
  • Proactive approaches to ensure consistent and reliable color, even throughout complex workflows and supply chains
  • The importance of ongoing certification and calibration

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