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Color iQC-iMatch v10.6.1.6

Name: Color iQC-iMatch

Version: v10.6.1.6

Previous Version: v10.5.2.2

Release Date: September 30, 2021

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Installer

Download File: PC Version


Notes: Version 10.6.1 is a maintenance release that includes the following additions and fixes:


  • Formulation Rules now support prompting for user entered values. Any rule item that begins with a “?” will prompt the user to enter the test value. Any Rule that begins with “@” will automatically insert the user’s current REGION text in the test value (example: “Asia”). The user initiates the prompting when enabling the rule (clicking twice on an enabled rule will prompt for new values and retest all colorants). User entered values will be the default until the user prompts for new values.
  • The database measurements Search-and-Recall dialog now supports operational tests “less than (<)”, “greater than (>)”, “less or equal (<=)”, “greater or equal (>=)”, “equal (=)”, “not equal (not)”, “contains (*=*)”, and “not contains (*not*)” on user defined tags. Note that SQL searches on the Tags in the Tags Table is purely by alphabetic comparison and is case insensitive.
  • Database measurements recall for OL/OD or R/T data now allows specification of an Opacity Filter and tolerance, to only retrieve measurements meeting the target opacity range. Measurements previously stored to the database must be recalled into a job and restored to database (update all), to store the measurements opacity value (currently stored measurements do not have this value set in the database).
  • Drivers for Ci7510, Ci7610, and Ci7810 benchtop spectrophotometers are now supported and included in the installation
  • A user setting has been added to “Show synthetic trials in QC views”, default is TRUE. Setting to FALSE will set Synth Trials to “not shown in views” while in QC frame.
  • For Print/Packaging jobs with a ColorBar definition and Standards, the user can add a new Standard by right clicking on the new standard in the QC Tree View and selecting “Update color bar after adding new standard.”. This will reindex the current ColorBar definitions for the current standards and prompt for adding the new standard to the ColorBar as the last patch. This is intended to assist users with existing templates with ColorBars that need to add a single new spot color standard to the new job before starting a QC Set or Scan operation.


  • Maximum range of K/S Std deviation data graph has been increased to 300,000 to handle opaque values.
  • Submission to ScoreCard Server on Close job now allows submission for “shown in views” setting (previously only submitted all items in job). User must control workflow and associated items shown in views.
  • Manual Formula / Correction editor does not display “manual” color difference values if the incoming formula has not been synthesized (i.e.: original formula).


  • Auto Dispense optimum formula no longer dispenses the same recipe multiple times to the output file.
  • Conversion of IFS file with Additives no longer adds an extra pigment item in Basic Materials.
  • EFX Calibration engine updated to address Opaque calibration issues when a formula with a 0.0% component is included.
  • Crash eliminated when double clicking on an item in the Colorant Editor results view and all the letdowns have the same name.
  • GroupTags.txt file now supports Asian characters.
  • Inserting a new colorant into a formula in Manual Formula edit dialog now displays a checkbox for all colorants in the formula.
  • Transfer of Standard to Ci64 now transfers System default tolerance when HunterLab rectangular pass/fail is used.

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