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Watch the X-Rite / Odak webinar series in Turkish language to learn which tools and tricks will help you to get the most out of your device. Watch 1 or all 4 webinars in the "Colorful Cup of Tea with X-Rite and Odak" series!

Colorful Cup of Tea with X-Rite and Odak - Webinar #4: Be Prepared to Print for Big Brands! (ColorCert)

Printing for brands or smaller packaging customers means understanding their needs and requirements. ColorCert™ color workflow solution enables the creation of color specifications and provides a reporting scorecard. Join the X-Rite / Odak webinar in Turkish language to learn more about its functionality and different modules.

A Real-time quality control and reporting tool that provides exact specification of the color requirements with no need for on-press approvals.

ColorCert enables color standardization for packaging and removes subjectivity in quality control with a simple score. If you would like to be a part of the packing supply chain or you plan to improve color communication within a single production site, ColorCert will reduce make-ready time, back and forth quality negotiations with customers, improve productivity and material usage, improve color consistency with PantoneLIVE color specification, and customer satisfaction.

You Will Learn:

  • Which ColorCert module to choose
  • How to create color specifications and provide a reporting scorecard by applying a score to a job, site or client based on tolerances
  • How to exchange data with other software applications and instruments.

Watch the webinar to learn more about easy communicate, understand and satisfy your customers' needs.

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ColorCert ScoreCard Server

Para monitorar a garantia da qualidade em impressão & embalagens

InkFormulation Software Para formulação de tintas de impressão

InkFormulation Software

Para formulação de tintas de impressão

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