Reusing Leftover Ink with InkFormulation

Posted May 22, 2017 by Mike Huda

As brand owners compete to make packaging stand out, printers are charged with achieving accurate color – on unique substrates – with shorter print runs. Many spend a lot of time mixing ink, then end up throwing it away when the color isn’t right.

If you’re stuck in this cycle, you’re essentially paying for ink twice – once when you buy it, and once again to dispose of it. What are the economics behind this waste? What’s the impact on our earth?

Today we’re demonstrating how the InkFormulation Software’s Leftover Management feature can help you reduce inventory and waste and lower your disposal costs.


Are you mixing ink manually?

If so, you know it can take about 12 tries to get it right. Computer-aided color formulation can bring that number down – way down. Once you’ve established an accurate process, you can expect to match 95% of your color requirements within a reasonable color distance on the first try!


When you set up InkFormulation software, it will help you create a database of your base colors. Then, during production, the software will generate recipes to run them off at various strengths for the most efficient ink workflow with the least waste.

Check out our blog Are you Ready for Computer-Aided Formulation? for the full scoop.

Do you have leftover ink sitting around?

What can save you even more money is the Leftover Management feature. It actually gives recommendations to work your in-house colors into new formulations.

Here’s how:

1 – Using your spectrophotometer, measure in the leftover ink. IFS will add it to your library for use in future recipes.

IFS Leftover Ink

2 – If there’s an ink you really want to get rid of, you also have the ability to include it in a recipe.

IFS Leftover Ink

And that’s it. The Leftover Mangement feature means you’ll stock fewer specialty inks, reduce incorrect mixes and reprints, and shorten makeready time.

Why not give it a try?

To learn more, check out the IFS learning library, or get in touch to speak directly with a color expert.

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