Model #: EAS-00-40-XR

eXact Auto-Scan

Versatile Scanning System

The X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan is a versatile press side scanning device that provides flexibility for measuring color with spot, manual, and automated scanning capabilities.

User Guides and Manuals


3rd Party Software Supported X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan Pro SW and third party scanning integrators
Aperture eXact Auto-Scan supports eXact with 1.5mm & 2mm
Battery Lithium Ion, 7.4VDC, 2200mAh
BestMatch Feature Yes
Black Background With Sheet Storage Yes
Calibration Automatic on integrated and protected white reference
Closed Loop Support Yes
Color Bar Alignment Laser
Color Differences CIE ∆E* (1976), ∆ECMC, CIE ∆E* (2000), and CIE ∆E* (1994)
Color Spaces CIE L*a*b*, CIE L*C*h°, CIE XYZ and Yxy
Communication Interface USB 2.0; Bluetooth - Class II
Configuration Options Track length, Closed Loop Solution, Vacuum Pump, Foot Pedal, NetProfiler
Connectivity USB 2.0 Port; Bluetooth
Density Range 0.00 D – 3.00 D
Density Standards Status A, E,  I, T, Tx, Ex, Hi-Fi
Experience Level Press Operators, Print Quality Managers interested in controlling color throughout the workflow and reducing make-ready waste.
G7 Certification Yes
Humidity 30% to 85% RH (non-condensing)
Illuminants A, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F2, F7, F11, D12
Import/Export Format CxF3, SDF, SVF, TVF
Industry Standards ISO 5-4:2009(E), ISO 13655:2009, ISO 12647-2, G7, PSO, Japan Color
Instrument Display Color touch-screen, 320 x 240 pixels
Inter-Instrument Agreement 0.3 dE*ab
Internal Temperature & Humidity Sensor Yes
Languages Supported Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Light Source Gas filled tungsten (illuminant type A) and UV LED
Macintosh InkKeyControl not Macintosh supported
Measurement Conditions M0, M1 (method 1 and method 2), M2, M3 
(all according to ISO 13655:2009)
Measurement Geometry 45°:0° ring illumination optics, ISO 5-4:2009
Measurement Spot eXact Auto-Scan supports 1.5mm & 2mm
Media Thickness 1mm or less
NetProfiler Support Yes
Operating Temperature Range 10°C to 35°C; 50°F to 95°F
PantoneLIVE Support Yes, for Auto-Scan with the eXact
Pass / Fail Yes
Patch Size Min Color Bar Height:
3.0mm or larger (with 1.5mm aperture)
4.0mm or larger (with 2.0mm aperture)
Sample/Measurement Max 5,000 samples on the eXact
Scan Length 29" Track: 31.0” / 78.8cm
40" Track: 41.7” / 106.0cm 
Scanning Capability Yes
Scanning Speed 160mm (6.3”) / sec (with 1.5 mm aperture on 4 mm patches)
Service Indicator Certification Reminder
Short Term Repeatability - Density On White: ±0.01D max.
Cyan, Magenta, and Black: ±0.02D @ 1.8D
Yellow: ±0.02D @ 2.0D, with M3: ±0.03D @ 1.8D
Short Term Repeatability - White 0.15 ΔE max
Single Pass Scan M0/M1 or M0/M3 or M1/M3
Software Development Kit Yes
Spectral Analyzer DRS Spectral Engine
Spectral Range 400 nm to 700 nm
Spectral Reporting 400 nm to 700 nm with 10nm interval
Standards More than 20,000 standards (incl. data for all M modes); New Color Library Tool to Create and Store Standards.
Storage Temperature Range -20° to 50°C, -4° to 122°F
Track Sizes 29" (74cm) or 40"(102cm)
Unit Color Black/Silver
User Experience Designed for commercial offset printers. Easy set-up and install with track and InkKeyControl software. Option to purchase a turnkey computer solution loaded with the software (N. America).
Voltage 100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Warranty 1 year
What's Included? Track, Vacuum pump (optional), Power supply, Interface cables, eXact Standard or Advanced with Scan and Bluetooth, eXact Auto-Scan Pro software (if purchased), Manuals, Carrying case, Device certificate
Windows Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)

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