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PressOptimizer Full

Download: PressOptimizer (Full)

Version: v1.0.0.4 SP1.8

Previous Version: v1.0.0.4

Release Date: 9/24/2010

File Type: PC - ZIP

Download: PC Version


Standardized process control for your printing workflow.

When purchased, this software is copy protected using a hardware security device. You may however, download and run this application in a demonstration mode. Please see the "How to Acquire a Demonstration Licence" document before installing this application.

A number of demonstration files (sample measurement data) are provided in the download. The "How to Use Control Strips and Testforms" document will guide you in the initial use of this application.

To install this application proceed as follows:

  • Download the ZIP file to your desktop or (better) into a temporary folder of your own choosing.
  • Navigate into the folder and double-click the ZIP file: this will create the installer and several folders.
  • Double-click the installer: "PressOptimizer_Full_1.0.0.4_sp1.8.exe".
  • Follow the instructions provided by the installer.

Note:  There are several (4 different) PrintCheck / PressOptimizer software packages. They are not intended to be loaded onto a single PC. If you have any of the other options already installed, it must be removed before installing the "PressOptimizer" software.

Note:  The Windows operating system may be configured so that you need administration privileges in order to install software. If this is the case you may need to contact your Information Technology staff for assistance.

History: This new version fixed a couple minor bugs and added the i1pro instrument.

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