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FOGRA 29L Target Definiton Version 2 XML

Download:FOGRA 29L Target Definition Version 2 (XML)

Version: NA

Previous Version:none

Release Date: 4/25/2007

File Type: PC - XML, Mac - XML

Download: PC Version   Mac Version


Reference files to verify the proof for the conditions of Fogra/IFRA with the FOGRA Media wedge.

PC (default locations):

Label:  C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\My Documents\QCcolorLabels\
Target: C:\Program Files\X-Rite\MonacoQCcolor Suite 1.5\MonacoQCcolor\Resources\localtargets\

Mac (default locations):

Label:  Macintosh HD/USERS/<Username>/Documents/QCcolorLabels/
Target: Launch MonacoQCcolor and use the "File" menu to select "Manage Local Targets".
        The local target folder will open automatically.  Copy the target file(s) into
        the local target folder.  Return to MonacoQCcolor and select "Reload".


        Use QCcolorAdmin to upload targets and set user privileges.  Label files should be
        copied locally to any of the connected MonacoQCcolor client workstations.

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