Are you wasting too much time and money on incorrect color? When you add color software and a spectrophotometer to your quality control program, you can accurately and objectively communicate color data with customers and suppliers, inspect raw materials before you begin working, and verify your color is correct before you ship. Our Quality Control Bundle includes the following:

Your Choice of One Sphere Spectrophotometer

  • Ci60 Series - A handheld sphere spectrophotometer to measure a broad range of materials with precision and ease.
  • Ci7000 Series - A high-performance benchtop sphere spectrophotometer with dual transmission and reflection measurement to deliver accurate and efficient quality control.

Both Quality Control AND Quality Assurance Software

  • Color iQC - Our most popular quality control software, to enable control and management of data so you can move from controlling quality to assuring it.
  • NetProfiler - Our unrivaled quality assurance software to ensure your instrument keeps performing within tolerance, which in turn helps you keep waste and rework to a minimum.

Buy before December 27, 2019 and receive 8% off the list price.

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