Ci62 Spectrophotometer

Reduce Customer Rejections

Accurate color on complex materials – from specialty coatings to plastics and textiles – is vital, especially when producing color-critical formulations or unique color combinations. The X-Rite Ci62 portable sphere spectrophotometer is a scalable, high performance handheld spectrophotometer uniquely suited for ensuring accurate color in a color program.

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A sound color program begins with the ability to generate accurate, consistent measurements and to explicitly communicate them across a global supply chain. Customers expect consistent color in coatings and plastics, regardless of where in the world they are manufactured or mixed.


Remove the subjectivity from color evaluation

Today’s color measurement systems take the emotion out of the equation so everyone in the supply chain is aligned on expectations


Ensure consistent color communication

When you are using measurement data to communicate color, you ensure that every stakeholder in the supply chain is using the same language


Maintain color accuracy across suppliers, different sites and geographies

Whether you have a plant locally or in another country, if they are using Ci62 with the same pass/fail criteria against a standard, your color will be accurate from site to site

“Color inconsistencies can occur between customer specification and final production as well as from batch to batch. A spectrophotometer is a critical element of an end-to-end color management solution that delivers consistent color.”


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