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Color control is very important to Diamond Vogel, a family company that has been formulating liquid and powder coatings for industrial surfaces for over 90 years. Each batch is expensive to manufacture, and a mistake means guaranteed waste and an unhappy customer. Since introducing MetaVue to their stores, Diamond Vogel has seen 30.6% less waste and 65% improved color match accuracy.

According to Perry Foreman, Architectural Product Manager, We love the X-Rite MetaVue. It is easy-to-use and well designed for consistent use. It removes most of the variability that may have existed between our stores and customers, allowing our formulators to focus their expertise on choosing the best formulations for each job instead of wondering if their measurements and recipes are correct.” 

This case study explains:

  • How MetaVue has helped Diamond Vogel increase efficiency by 33.57%.
  • How easy it is to properly align MetaVue on samples.
  • How MetaVue’s smart spot feature considers sample texture to capture accurate measurements.

If you know the importance of a color measurement device, but aren’t sure you’re using the right technology for your environment, this case study is for you. Fill out the form to download your copy. 

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