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Color-Eye® is a unique solution that uses a smartphone and calibration card to help consumers shop for new items that accurately match or complement the color of items they have at home.

Boost Consumer Color Confidence and Reduce Returns

Consumers often lack confidence when purchasing color-critical items, particularly online. A recent Invesp study shows that of the one-third return rate of online purchases, a costly 22% is due to dissatisfaction with product appearance. Color-Eye® can give consumers the assurance they need to shop online for color-critical items. This confidence boosts purchase satisfaction, increases sales, and reduces the likelihood of returns.

Color-Eye enables shoppers to use their smartphone and a color calibration card to measure the color of any item they want to match. These color readings will communicate with a retailer’s mobile shopping application and deliver matching or harmonizing products the retailer sells. Integration with the retailers’ apps will increase order size by connecting consumers with additional items. A numerical color reference catalog makes it easy to save colors and find matching products again in the future.

Click here to find a list of compatible Apple and Android devices (links to Pantone.com).


  • Boost consumer purchase satisfaction, increase sales, and reduce likelihood of returns 
  • Integration with retailer mobile shopping apps drives consumers to download the app, increasing interaction and brand loyalty 
  • Maintains measurement accuracy across all surface types and lighting conditions, even in the measurement of gloss and texture 
  • Facilitates future product planning and the effectiveness of direct consumer marketing, through the collection of live demographic color trend data 
  • Easily integrates into existing mobile apps, using an X-Rite Software Development Kit 
Color-Eye draws on X-Rite’s more than 60 years of experience in the art and science of color, and builds on its work in developing color targets for photo and video that have become the de facto industry standard over the last 40 years. It is a solution that gives retailers the opportunity to build consumer trust and loyalty by enabling greater confidence in color-critical purchases, both online and in-store.


Android Android OS6
Apple iOS Apple iOS10 iPhone 5S, 6, 6S, 7, iPad Pro 9.7 or newer
Dispositivos Android compatíveis Android devices with RAW camera and flash
Dispositivos iOS compatíveis iPhone 5S, 6, 6S, 7, iPad Pro 9.7 or newer (with flash)
Dimensões (comprimento, largura, altura) 85mm x 55mm x 1mm
Umidade Must be kept in a dry location out of sunlight
Cores de iluminação Dual-illumination flash & ambient
Material Laminated paper board
Geometria de medição Camera-based
Ponto de medição 12mm
Tempo de medição 4 seconds (depending on phone type)
Distância de trabalho da medição 110mm typical (depending on phone type)
Faixa de temperatura de operação 0°C to 40°C
Visualização da amostra Yes (on mobile screen)
Faixa de temperatura de armazenamento 0°C to 40°C
Total de fontes de luz Dual-illumination flash & ambient
Cor da unidade Custom print options
Área de visualização (comprimento, largura, altura) 12mm x 12mm
Garantia 12 months
Peso 6 grams (including sleeve)
O que está incluído? Calibration card & protective sleeve
Color-Eye Best Practices

Color-Eye Best Practices

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