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Which eXact is Right for You?

Posted June 22, 2018 by Christian Benz

The eXact is a portable spectrophotometer with an intuitive touchscreen interface. Printers and packaging converters use it to control, manage, and communicate color from anywhere on the pressroom floor. It comes in a variety of models to fit every customer need, and can be upgraded as those needs change.

We’ve recently expanded our X-Rite eXact family to include a Basic model. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to know which eXact model is right for you. Today’s blog can help you decide.

Explore by Model

eXact Basic Densitometer: If you print CMYK and only need to measure density and check tone value increase (Dot Gain/Dot Area), the eXact Basic is a good choice for you. This entry-level handheld densitometer automatically detects color and patch type and provides fast, clear density and tone value measurements of both solids and tints.

eXact Basic Plus Densitometer: Formally known as the eXact Densitometer, this model does everything the Basic does, plus has the ability to measure trapping, a print characteristic line, and provides a trend view. It also allows you to compare a standard and sample for pass/fail quality control. It’s great if you print CMYK in the pressroom and need to verify all aspects of density.

eXact Spectrophotometer: The eXact spectrophotometer is a sophisticated instrument that is for press operators who want to ensure accurate printing of both CMYK and spot colors. Its intelligent software provides enhanced functionality of quality control features, sample measurements, and the capability to store different user profiles. The eXact is a unique combination of hardware and software programming to help operations get color right the first time – every time.

eXact Scan/eXact Xp Scan: If you need to quickly measure color bars, the eXact Scan option can dramatically decrease your makeready time. The X-Rite eXact Scan/eXact Xp Scan is ideal for use in offset, digital, flexo, prepress, ink room, and other environments where speed and ease of use is important for color bar measurement. With the patented Zebra wheel the eXact Scan/eXact Xp Scan gives operators complete freedom of measurement by measuring patches that are embedded in media without the need for a clear spot before or after the bar, saving space on the press sheet.
Additionally, the X-Rite eXact Scan/eXact Xp Scan supports third-party closed-loop press-side solutions that improve on-press color control, reduce makeready time, waste, and significantly improve color consistency.

eXact Xp: All members of the eXact family are available in Xp models. The Xp is specifically designed to solve the unique challenges of measuring flexible films.


Explore by Need

Do you print CMYK and measure just density?

The entry-level Basic model is a good choice for you. If you compare measured data to standards for pass/fail indications, you need the Basic Plus model.

Do you measure spot colors?

The Basic model only measures density, so you should consider the eXact Spectrophotometer.

Do you print to standards like G7, PSO, or Japan Color?

You will need the sophistication of the eXact Spectrophotometer.

Do you measure flexible film?

The Xp model is available for the Basic, Basic Plus, and eXact Spectrophotometer models and adds the functionality to measure flexible film.

Do you use the M3 (polarization filter)?

Based on your other needs, the eXact Spectrophotometer will work, but the Xp model is not for you.

Are you a color scientist or quality assurance specialist?

Evaluating quality assurance and checking metamerism, paper indices, and special values requires the most robust model, the eXact Spectrophotometer.

Do you use color management software?

When you combine your X-Rite eXact with formulation and quality control software, you can validate and manage a specified color across a variety of printing technologies and substrates.

  • PantoneLIVE:  eXact Spectrophotometer (including Xp models
  • ColorCert:  eXact Scan (including Xp models)
  • InkFormulation Software: eXact Spectrophotometer, except Scan option (including Xp models)
  • NetProfiler:  eXact Spectrophotometer (including Xp models)
  • Color iQC:  eXact Spectrophotometer (including Xp models)


Do you hope to upgrade in a year or two?

All of the eXact models are upgradable from Basic to Basic Plus to Standard to Advanced through a password. Although you can also convert between eXact and eXact Xp, you must send in the device to make the hardware change.

Still not sure?

The X-Rite eXact is extremely flexible and designed to meet your standards and tolerances and fit seamlessly into your workflow. We know every pressroom workflow is different, and there may be more than one eXact model that will work for your needs. Our Color Experts are trained to help you decide which can provide the power you need at the price point you want. Get in touch for help.


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