Transmission Calibration - 8000 Series Benchtop

Transmission Calibration for 8000 Series Benchtop

To calibrate your X-RiteColor Premiere 8000 Series Benchtop instrument for transmission measurements, follow the steps below.  Before beginning the calibration, make sure you have the SRM (Standard Reflectance Material) and the beam blocker (a piece of black plastic included with your instrument) .


Beam Blocker

To begin calibration, the instrument must be powered up and connected via the USB cable.  For assistance in setting up or connecting your instrument, see Related Support.  You must then launch either X-RiteColor Master software or the XR8000 application.  In the  X-RiteColor Master, click on "Instrument" and then "Calibrate".  In the XR8000 application, click on the "Calibrate" button.  Proceed by following the directions on this screen.


After the instrument completes the measurement, continue by following the directions on the next screen.


After the instrument completes the measurement click on close.  Calibration is then complete.

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