Resetting an X-Rite 390/391

On occasion a customer wishes to simply clear instrument memory and start over from scratch. While not documented in X-Rite operation manuals this is possible. In fact, with the '90' series there are two reset options. A "Field Reset" and a "Master Reset". The field reset will clear stored data without loss of instrument configuration settings. The master clears all memory and re-establishes X-Rite factory default settings. To do either a field or a master reset proceed as follows:

  1. Wake the unit and allow its self-test to complete.
  2. From the "MAIN MENU" press the left-hand key until it reads "p3".
  3. Next, simultaneously press keys 1 and 3 (the first and third keys).

    The instrument will now display "MASTER RESET?". On the second line of the display are the words "field      yes no".
  4. To perform a field reset press the left-hand key (beneath the word "field").

    If a full master reset is desired press the third key (beneath the word "yes").

    The unit will respond in either case by indicating that a reset is in progress. At the conclusion of the reset, the unit will return to normal operation on "p3".
  5. To return to the "MAIN MENU" press the two right-hand keys at the same time.


Note: The customer will lose ALL information currently stored in the device. This procedure should only be performed if the desire is to completely wipe the unit of all previous information.

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