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Profiling Won't Open On Mac OS X

Printer and Display Profiling will not launch on Mac OS X 10.10 and higher.  This appears to be a Mac permissions issue that we have workarounds for.We believe that this is a Mac permissions issue but cannot be sure until we can reproduce the problem on our test computers.  Until there is a software update to permanently resolve this issue, there is a workaround which might be acceptable for you:
First, try the following:
  1. Please navigate to following folder: Mac HD/Library/Application Support/ColorMunki
  2. Right-click (or Control-click) on the ColorMunki Folder and select “Get Info”
  3. Click on the lock in the lower right corner of the ColorMunki Info window and then enter your admin password
  4. In the Sharing & Permissions at the bottom, change permissions for ALL users listed to “Read & Write”.
  5. Click the small gear icon at the very bottom of this window and choose “Apply to enclosed items…”.  Click “OK” to save this change and then click the lock.
  6. Close all windows, reboot the Mac, plug in the CM Design, and then open the CM Design applications to test.
If the suggestion above fails to resolve this, use the following workaround:
Please navigate to MacHD > Library > Application Support > ColorMunki > Design > Tools and double-click to the icon 'Profile My Display & Projector' respectively 'Profile My Printer'. The appropriate wizards should launch and the profiling procedures can be performed. 
And for quick access in the future, you might want to create an Alias of both applications and put them on your desktop or into the Mac's Dock or place them in the ColorMunki Design Application Folder.

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