Hard drive replacement

Hard Drive on the PC with ColorDesigner has Crashed and needs replacement.When you replace your hard drive, everything that you previously had; operating system, software, instrument drivers, customer files, databases, registration info, etc. are gone. 

Before replacing the hard drive, you should disconnect your printer and spectrophotometer (measurement instrument) from the back of your computer. Please note which ports these devices are connected to. We will later want to connect them back to the same ports. Do not reconnect these devices until told to do so.

Dell will replace your hard drive and reload your Microsoft Windows operating system.

You will now need to reinstall your ColorDesigner software. Before beginning this process make sure you have the following items.

Install the ColorDesigner software from CD. There are complete instructions for doing this in the "Installation Guide for MatchRite ColorDesigner Software".

After installing the ColorDesigner software and restarting your computer, close the ColorDesigner software. This can be done by pressing and holding the Alt button on your keyboard and then pressing F4. You will be prompted to enter your password. The default password is 1234. Enter this into the text box and click on the OK button. If nothing happens, your manager or store owner has probably changed the password. You will need to obtain their permission, as well as the password to close the software. Once this is done ColorDesigner will close and you will be at the desktop of your computer.

Reconnect your spectrophotometer and printer. If they are connected with USB cables you will see a "Found new Hardware" message appear for a few moments. The drivers will install automatically.

If you had the printer and/or spectrophotometer connected (via USB) to the computer prior to installing the software, they will have installed as unknown devices. In order to use them it will be necessary to reinstall the drivers for them. See related support on the left hand side of this screen for instruction to perform these operations.

You will need to configure the ports for both the printer and spectrophotometer. There are complete instructions for doing this in the "Installation Guide for MatchRite ColorDesigner Software".

Restart ColorDesigner by double clicking it's icon.

Install your ColorDesigner Paint Line Libraries (databases). There are complete instructions for doing this in the "Installation Guide for MatchRite ColorDesigner Software".

Restore your customer files. From the main menu:

You should now be operational, but because the hard drive was replaced you will have also lost your registration, and will therefore need to re-license your software. You will have a 30 day window during which you will need to contact us for a new license. This can be done most easily by sending an e-mail to MRSupport@xrite.com. In the e-mail provide us with your software version number (displays immediately below the logo on the main menu screen). Your 20 digit AUI code (available on the side of your computer, or in your ColorDesigner binder), and the 8 digit registration code that appears in the license window when the software is first launched. Also include a note explaining that your hard drive was replaced. We will return a license code to you within 24 business hours.


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