DPU-411 (Thermal Printer) and the 361T

Application :DPU-411 (Thermal Printer)
Vendor :Seiko Instruments
Platform :Serial Printer
Version :NA
Cabling :319-83 (DB25p male-to-male, pin-to-pin, cable)
Notes :The Seiko printer is a standard DCE type serial device. It is equipped with a DB25s (female) connector. Interfacing to an X-Rite is via a straight-through (pin-to-pin) modem type cable. The above cable satisfies this need. Customer may choose to purchase a cable locally. If this is the case then a male-to-male, straight-through, modem cable will do the trick (ie., pin 1 to pin 1... pin 25 to pin 25). Male DB25p connectors are needed on both ends.
RCI = off (lowercase)
PRT = off (lowercase)
PIN5 = off
Baud =1200
HDR = on/off (Header - On or Off)
DPT = on/off (Decimal Point - On or Off)
COMP = off

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