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InfusePDF v1.2.1b2

Name: InfusePDF

Version: v1.2.1b2

Previous Version: v1.1.0b1

Release Date: May 3, 2019

File Type: PC - ZIP File | MAC - ZIP File

Download File: PC Version Mac Version

Notes: Infuse PDF allows the import of metadata coming from a workflow system into any existing ColorCert Job. It runs in the background and processes incoming XML files automatically. The operator only needs to drag the PDF into the ColorCert Job Editor and all metadata fields are filled in automatically. Included in the ZIP files is a Reference XML template and a Quickstart Guide.

This tool is free of charge, but requires activation: activation must be renewed annually.

Registration is required and user must have, or must create, a "My X-Rite" account.

Note that the Infuse PDF utility requires activation. Please submit activation requests through your X-Rite Sales Representative.

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Technical Questions? Contact Support(888) 826-3042