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ATD Sheetfed Service Pack 2 2_07_2

Download:ATD Sheetfed Service Pack 2


Previous Version:2.07.1

Release Date:11/30/2001

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Winzip file

Download: PC Version

Notes: This service pack brings several enhancements to the ATD version 2.07b software. It can be applied ONLY to ATD version 2.07b or version 2.07b with SP1 software. Contact X-Rite applications support if you require this update but you are using a version other than 2.07b.


  1. Added the Scanned Value File (SVF) file feature. This feature creates a Scan Value File after each measurement. This file contains Job information and the following Patch information. Target Density, Measured Density and Density Difference.
  2. Added Density Status Tx’. The density response, Tx, has been modified to yield improved agreement with the Status T response of X-Rite’s popular 400-Series products. The new Tx’ response shows average density correlation of 0.00 on solid fields of a variety of ink-on-paper print samples.

Service Pack 2 also includes the following Service Pack 1 changes.

  1. In two cases, jobs with color bars located on the trailing sheet edge displayed inconsistencies:
    1. In some cases, all ink key numbering was displayed inaccurately as the value displayed was that associated with the neighboring ink key. This has been resolved.
    2. In addition, an instance of too many keys was seen on some trailing edge jobs. This has been resolved.
  2. Scans recorded between certain hours (midnight and 1:00 a.m.) were reported incorrectly (off by one hour). This problem has been resolved.
  3. Previously, it was possible to create a file of ATD instrument configuration log directly from a button within the Help system. This function has been removed, and the preferred method of using X-Rite Instrument Diagnostics utility software is the only method that can be used for generating this file.
  4. During export of a job, an error message about insufficient disk space was sometimes incorrectly displayed when using computer systems with a large hard-disk-drive capacity. This issue has been corrected.
  5. The prior software reported that there were too many keys for a given press if the scanned paper size was larger than the defined press size. This has been corrected.
  6. Several users requested changes to the SDF (Scan Density File) format. As a result the following features have been added:
    1. Users have requested an SDF format that more closely mirrors the format delivered by X-Rite's former X-Scan(r) product and associated PrintStart(r) software. A new PrintStart mode can now be set within the ATD software.
    2. In addition, ATD now offers an option to automatically create an SDF file, based upon the selected job and project name.
    3. ATD now has the ability to generate an appended SDF file which contains information from each sheet in the active job. A menu item "Job SDF File" has been added to initiate this report.
  7. This service pack adds the capability of ATD to generate an alternative post-scan file format called the Scan Value File. This file offers more types of information than the alternative SDF file. Contact X-Rite applications support for more details.

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