Can I re-label "GripperBack"?

Starting with version 2.06 it is now possible for the customer to define his/her own names for colorbar position. To do this follow the instructions below. Note: If you are hesitant to attack an INI file seek assistance from your resident computer guru.

  1. Locate and open (w/ Notepad) the ATS32.INI file.


  2. Find the section label "[Options]".


  3. On lines that follow the "[Options]" label, add one or more of these items:
    • GripperBackName=WhateverYouChoose (eg., GripperBottom)
    • GripperFrontName=GripperTop
    • TrailingBackName=TrailingBottom
    • TrailingFrontName=TrailingTop


  4. Save and close the ATS32.INI file.


  5. Restart the ATS / PDC-S software. Now when you build a job it will use the names you provided.

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